10 keys to success in internet retailing
May 29, 2014

Webstore setup

1Register a Domain

Many start up are confused what domain they should buy and from where.

Firstly, if your business is local and if you are planning to target local audience then, there is no point of buying .com domain, you must opt for .com.pk or .pk domain. If you are launching a big brand then you may opt for .com domain just to book your brand.

Secondly, book a domain of your brand like crazdo.pk and not what you sell which is fittedshirt.pk. Remember your domain and social media id got to be same so, think for a unique id.

where to buy

You may buy domain from any local dealer but, I would recommend to buy from godaddy.com for .com, .net and other domains. If you are planning to buy from .pk domain then opt for href="http://www.pknic.net.pk" target="_blank">pknic.net.pk

Perhaps you buy domain form anywhere ensure the admin email mentioned while registration belongs to you otherwise, the reseller becomes the legal owner of the domain.

Maximum cost for a domain per year shouldn't be more than $12

2Buy a Hosting Plan

Buying hosting is another smart decision. If you are launching your website and expecting fewer than 100 concurrent users per day then you may opt for shared hosting, if you are expecting 1000+ concurrent users then you may opt for VPS hosting and if you are expecting 5000+ concurrent users then opt for cloud hosting

Some of the recommended hosting providers are


These are few - you may search for more and try them out. Ensure to check for its popularity in online magazine and review sites.

3Install Wordpress + WooCommerce Plugin

There are many webstore application to select from. Here is the guide what they actually differ.

  1. Hosted Solution - Option to add limited numbers of products, extensive support, few pluggins to start with and easy to customize
  2. Free Solution - Option to add unlimited numbers of products, no support, unlimited plugins, easy to customize
  3. Small Business Solution - Option to add unlimited products, with paid support, limited plugins, easy to customize
  4. Enterprise Solution - Option to add unlimited products, with paid support, unlimited plugins, easy to customize and 1000s of features and configuration option

Wordpress is an open source content management platform - something like windows and then, we install WooCommerce which is an application like Word / Excel

The reason I choose Wordpress+Woocommerce combination as you may get theme, apps, support and updates more easily as compare to any other webstore solution

There are chances some may convince to use other solution like

None of them are bad - all you need is flexibility, scale-ability and lots of support. If you find these features, then you may opt for any of the above mentioned open source / free shopping cart.

How to install wordpress on Godaddy Hosting

How to install WooCommerce

Also check this - How to install theme

4Setup Shipping in Woocommerce

In US and other western countries you get an XML that connects to UPS or FedEX for realtime shipping calculator. Here most of the business includes shipping in the product price - If you seek to offer some shipping rates then you may set manual shipping which will let you add price by product or kg - and then how much for first product or kg and what will be cost for additional kg.

A good video on how to setup shipping in woocommerce

5Setup Payment
Most of the goods shipped in Pakistan is paid through either Bank, Mobile Payment or COD. This video shows how to setup payments

Set Payment in WooCommerce

6Order Fulfillment
Once you have your store setup - the next step is to process the online orders. There are few important steps to process the order a) check for payment status b) check inventory availability and c) ship the product and add shipping AWB # which customers can followup through courier website.

Here is the video on how to manage orders

7Support and Tips

You may do most of the things your self as show on video - or you may opt for various places for support or services. Some of them are

  • Yahoo Answwer
  • Elance
  • Odesk
  • Fiverr

Or you may count on us for complete managed ecommerce solution along with backoffice management

Amin Lalani
Amin Lalani
Amin Lalani is M.Phil in Internet Retailing with 10 years of experience in Internet Retailing arena along with enterprise experience in setting up SAGE eCommerce and is SAP MM certified. He been a faculty, mentor and SME Internet Retail experts since many years

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