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7 ways to audit your ecommerce webstore

Many businesses face downwards trend in sales and customer experience. Apparantly, there is no magic available that can bring the sales and customer satisfaction back but, there are 7 touchpoints that can bring a great impact to your ecommerce webstore in terms of conversion, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

  1. Rethink your business purpose
    Many businesses actually forgot their main purpose or vision of business. Its not just selling the products but, to offer customers what they demand and keep them satisfied. Well how to do it?

    1. How about hosting a book reading for kids if you are selling a book.
    2. How about collaborating with schools to host book fair
    3. How about setting up Amazon Prime like offering to deliver books for free with zero shipping cost.
  2. Mark your presence everywhere
    Today Amazon is looking for 19,000 employees to deliver their products for upcoming 2015 season. Are you the part of it.

    1. Get your self listed in every marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Google Products and so on inorder to extend your reach. If you are not bringing in sales, how about acquiring customers and retaining them for future profit. Think about Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and see how much profit you may earn from them in future.
  3. Brand Activation.
    1. My personal experience is about 70% of shops are unbranded. They dont have brand recognition because, they have never thought of promoting their brand.  Apparently, it is important to understand what is branding is and how does it impact your business. Branding is made up of experience, trust and care which customer gets from a brand. Nestle is a brand which provides experience with new products, trust of quality and care for the customers for their growing needs. 
      1. So businesses must opt to reflect 3 elements in their business
      2. There is a term called brand recall – which can be done by sending Birthday Card to customers, brand website with logo and theme everywhere including packaging, online marketing places and more.
      3. Submit press release time to time
      4. Innovate product. Remember China produces products but real ideas always comes from big brands.
      5. Re-position your brand for higher value product and capture a blue ocean spot in market place.
      6. Plus you may do a some social activity so that community gets to know your brand.
      7. Be ethical to all stake holders including vendor, suppliers, employees and more.
  4.  Don’t copy – Be Unique
    1. Be innovator. For 100s of years Nestle has come up with unique products which rules the market. They dont have competition and they have millions of loyal and satisfied customers.
  5. Advertise dont spam
    1. Many small businesses love spamming as its costing saving and bring quick results. Apparently, it destroys brand and sales in long run. It is important to understand what is difference between ethical advertising and unethical spamming
  6. Get it right!
    1. Remember the 4ps of marketing : Price, Product, Promotion and Placement. Get 4Ps in right place.
  7. Be a happy seller
    1. Don’s push lots of sales and free discount to boost sales. Be a happy seller invent products rather than force selling.

In conclusion : Webstore is like a precision engineering, so try to put engineer on board. Its an agile economy the webstore should be run by team who brings in sales, customer satisfaction, branding and most importantly innovation in products and services


Amin Lalani
Amin Lalani
Amin Lalani is M.Phil in Internet Retailing with 10 years of experience in Internet Retailing arena along with enterprise experience in setting up SAGE eCommerce and is SAP MM certified. He been a faculty, mentor and SME Internet Retail experts since many years

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