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Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage. DAA is the Digital Analytics Association, an organisation that defines industry standards for the web analytics field. There are various tools that help in managing pro and pre-campaign analytic which helps businesses to stay competitive in the agile economy. In order to lead the race, it’s important to have awareness of such tool. This workshop will give an edge to the participants over others to get acquainted with the most precision tool to stay sustainable in long-term and achieve high growth in short-term Course covers

Digital Marketing has become a vital tool for all kinds of businesses –  whether its Commercial, NGO or Government. Apparently, Digital Marketing has become a challenge rather than an opportunity.

This workshop will give an opportunity for professionals to explore  Digital Marketing from inside out covering various aspects like Technology, Innovation and Best Practices.

  1. Introduction to Analytic
  2. Different models of analytic
  3. Introduction to Google Analytic including how to set up and evaluate facts
  4. Plan campaign based on available analytic
  5. Pre and post data for campaign management
  6. RoI through Analytic
  7. Planing next level sales

The participants will be also introduced with following tools

  1. Google Analytic
  2. Social Media Analytic
  3. Spyfu
  4. Moz and
  5. Compete.com

These products somewhat cover most of the web analytics.


Fees : Rs.7000
Venue :221-B, Block 2, PECHS, Karachi
Including tea and lunch.
Date : March 15, 2017.
Group Discount : Book for 5 and 1 get free
Early Bird Discount : 15% discount if booked by March 3, 2017
Query Call Amin @ 0322-2140410
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