Our Asian Outsourcing operations has all local and internationally qualified talents. All our team mates are passionate to learn and explore new dimension in online selling. For this we have our own projects too where we test new technology and methodologies before going to the market.

Our projects are DealsAmin, GiftBaskets, MyCareerGuide, InternetRetailerMag and more

Our integrated team consist of

  1.  Creative Team : Headed by Anum who have 10 years of regional Ad Agency experience
  2. Technology Team : Headed by Salik who is SAP certified and has knowledge of launching 100+ eCommerce solutions
  3. Business Acumen : Headed by Amin to look at the business through difference lenses inorder to evaluate how to make it more competitive
  4. Service Team : Headed by Bilal who take care of digital marketing, deliverable and other aspect of business
  5. Analytic Team : Headed by Ejaz manages RoI, Web Analytic to keep businesses risk free
  6. Digital Media Team : Headed by Naila to ensure the business gets quality online and offline traffic with higher conversion ration

These are core team besides our global team in US, UK and Canada and our networking partners locally and globally.