One of the key secrets of Inc500 corporations ‘ success is that they outstand through outsourcing. Smart businesses outsource some of their tedious business processes to experts locally or abroad.

Outstand through outsourcing.

E-Tailing offers one window solution to leading retailers worldwide.

Our services ranging from Research to Technology Implementation, from Online Conversion to OrderFulfillment and from Startups LaunchPad to Building a Niche.

No matters where your business resides, we have served 23 countries in different sectors to build their Digital Innovation Edge enabling them to competitive, effective and efficient.

How it actually works.

Our core team identifies the business problem and based on that, we suggest how to bust the bottleneck through a mix of automation and outsourcing. Based on agreed terms, we start working to meet the organizational goal.

Type of Operations Efficiency

Operation Efficiency through Digitization

Our Global Consultant who is experts in Business Process Engineering and Best Practices Implementation matches the processes with global standards. Based on the studies and missing gaps in global standards, we recommend to implement best practices for optimized performance and maximize results. Some of the key services we offers are

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Business Process Re-engineering (Best Practices)
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Process Optimization Check
  5. Set KPIs

Operation Efficiency through Outsourcing

We are living in a GIG Economy. Outsourcing, freelancing or Gigs have become a success factor in any business. At E-Tailing we offer remote workers on a project or periodic basis just. The business saves a lot as they don’t have to hire a team of the workforce for short term projects. We take the risk of managing the entire team and our client enjoys Pay As You Go model.

Operations Efficiency through Innovation

Only one thing is constant and that is CHANGE – Innovation@Work on an ongoing basis can bring dramatic improvement. There are multiple change factor-like technology, market trend, consumer behavior and more that bring impact on day to day business. Innovation@Work can constantly bring innovation in operation to deliver what is demanded by the customers.