eCommerce Fulfillment by E-Tailing

Fulfillment is more than picking and packing the orders. Fulfillment providers make sure that your online retails business run efficiently. This makes your business more agile. Outsourcing lets you minimize your expense and risk. 

The fulfillment of your order is vital to every organization. There are several steps in the process that needs to be understood in order to manage an eCommerce fulfillment provider. 

Thinking of a fulfillment warehouse might make you imagine having multiple shelves where the products are placed and then dispatched as the order is received. This whole process of dispatching and managing the stocks are is being monitored by the technology company.

Your ECommerce store is completely integrated with your fulfillment center. The orders you receive on your online store is automatically accepted, packed, and dispatched to the customer’s address. 

E-Tailing provides third-party logistics services that will integrate with your platform on which you sell. We manage your inventory and tell you when to restock your items when they reach the minimum threshold. Our IT staff makes sure that there is no glitch in the process and your orders are automatically accepted as they are placed. 

E-Tailing looks for your overall inventory management; from receiving your orders till the shipment. Pallets of your merchandise ship to your fulfillment warehouse. Then, those pallets get logged into inventory and placed on shelves, ready to fill your orders. Once your inventory is received, it takes one to two days to place your stock. Once inventory is stocked, you can then see your inventory by using the inventory management system. Your data is updated in real-time. Inventory management is our top priority as this is all that affects your sales. You can minimize your risk of handling inventory. E-tailing will be responsible for inventory management for any items lost or broken while on shelves.

E-tailing has its best order fulfillment team. Once the order is placed, our team makes sure that the correct item has been picked from the shelf and packed in the box. The team handles the customer service for returns so you can focus on increasing your sales. We make sure that the goods are kept safe as well as dispatched in the right condition to your customers. E-Tailing help evaluate returns and process orders for discount goods as well.

Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment with E-Tailing has several advantages. 

  • Flexible shelf space that can scale up quickly as you grow.
  • Your orders will be picked and packed by trained professionals who specialize in order fulfillment.
  • Your resources are freed up to pursue business development.
  • You aren’t stuck with a lease for expensive space you might not need.
  • You can choose a centrally-located fulfillment warehouse that’s able to ship orders to your customers more quickly.